Videomapping 360º to play videos inside interactive bubbles

Ciclorama from carles gutierrez on Vimeo.

Interactive installation to manage videoContends in Eutokia ( a social innovation center in Bilbao, Spain ). The installation lets you to add videos from a website, and ordered in lists, and load the list in the Ciclorama. Ciclorama installation is composed by 5 projectors and their are projecting continuously and almost as a cylinder circle shape. All videos are loaded inside bubbles, and that bubble can be activated by mouse or hand interaction.

Thanks to Jaime de los Rios and Diego Soroa for give us the initial idea and commission to us the installation.

Client: Eutokia and Quantics.

This software can work in diferents modes:

  1. as Inspirational mode with Interactive selection.
  2. as Multi-Videos slideshow mode.
  3. as One Video slideshow mode.