Interactive Lighting Workshops

Whorkshop in current development. Since Arduino the uses of electronics and their controllers has been simplified so much. My goal is to keep researching about lighting and help other and the community to build their prototypes.


  • Robotics Rithms. CaixaForum Barcelona. 15 Dec 2013. (16h)
  • Arduino and Resolume / Interactive VJ Visuals toys at Niu Barcelna. 24 April 2013. (10h)
  • Intro Lighting and Arduino at CCGuinardo. 25 April 2015 (8h)
  • Processing and Arduino at CCGuinardo. 23 May 2015. (4h)
  • Intro Arduino at CCGuinardo. 15 Abril 2015. (8h)
  • Make Lamps Talk. at barcelona design weeek. LLotja. 2013. (30h)

I’ve started this workshop’s line some time ago with small group of artist in Hangar at 2011 after this I’ve decided to keep learning electronics and helping others too.

Some tips and notes saved in this blog -> taller321led