Sociograma Interactivo


Interactive Sociogram is an invitation to reflect on the relationships between people who share the same time and place; it’s a game of discovery and exploration.

Sociograma Interactivo from Daniel Rojas and Carles Gutiérrez on Vimeo.

The Interactive Sociogram is an installation that reacts to the presence of people passing through the space. The project is an exploratory study of the relationships established between people, particularly when they share the same place, by creating a visual graphic of the links that are created between them.

The circles of light represent the nodes of the network created by the participants, and the lines are the eventual links between these nodes. The links that are being visualised can be modulated voluntarily by the users themselves, as they move through the system and change their spatial location relative to the other people.

Interactive sociogram is a space for play, allowing you to discover, explore and experience the relationships between people, in a different and original way. It is an immersive space that stimulates the creation of dynamic rituals among participants.

Has been exhibited at:

StripArt ( Barcelona ) July 2013
Intermediae ( Madrid ) September 2012
Spora, Second Biennial of Ephemeral Art ( Granada ) December 2009
Arteleku ( Donosti ) August 2009

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Other uses

Sociograma Interactivo can be used in other cultural or commercial terms. Such for example to do and interactive story telling installation that changes of chapter depending of the viewers and their Sociograma. This is a work in progress concept that me and Daniel Rojas would like to make in collaboration with another video artist for an specific festival or specific motives. So, please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

CCC TV TU - Micro Fachadas de Arte Digital. from carles gutierrez on Vimeo.