Chino Pinball CC

ChinoPinball has been an media art project development with ChinosInteranational art collective, as an experimental project after a Workhop in 2014. The continuation of this project aim to be setup in a giant format for streets or buildings as a huge videomapping. Still experimental was exhibited at:

Fab10 (Barcelona, Spain) 02/07/2014 to 04/07/2014

Check some Flickr of that day photos

chino pinball At least we could test it once at street "Perills", Barcelona. That was a first aproaching at the public space. We figured many issues to solve for future implementations. In collaboration with [*44Perills sound art association*]( for their collaboration. Thanks for show us how to hack the street lights and offer their piece of street for testing.

Festes de Gracias - Perills44
2015 had been part of the international videomapping festival FFIMG in Girona.
FIMG 2015 - VideoMapping Festival Girona
** Credits ** - Kuba Markiewicz - Openframeworks - Carles Gutiérrez - Openframeworks - Ovidiu Cincheza - Openframeworks - Angel Muñoz - Openframeworks / Arduino - Augusto Zuniga - 3D Art - Mery Glez - DigitalFabrication - Alex Geell - SoundArt - Alex Reche - MadMapper [ChinosInternational Website]( [SoundTrack]( by Alex Geell.