Creative Coding Sessions

I studied computer science and Multimedia Engineering, and I’ve did my final project using somr OpenCv. There Ive learned how to use CCTV cameras. Many thanks to Theo Watson ViddeoIntput library. After all, and checking my low skills Ive deciced to learn more by my own, and I’ve started to follow OF (Openframeworks). OF i’ts a great set of c++ frameworks that aim you to create anything you want in a simple way. This is my guess for anyone. Not only for a computer science background person. There are many other softwares that also works in this way of thinking: Processing (Java), Godot (Pseudo-Python), Blender …

Sometimes, I do workshops about: Creative Code, Computer Vision, Engines, Games and others related.

Past workshops:

  • OF and ComputerVision at Escuelab during Interactivos?09 Magia y Tecnologia. 2009 (4h)
  • Love your Code (OF`s good practices) at Espai Erre, Barcelona. 2012 (12h)
  • Intro OF & Kinect Camera at CCGuinard’o. 17 Set 2013. (4h)
  • OF and Physics Engines at ChinosInternational`s Space, Barcelona. Jan 2014. (12h)
  • CoderDojo Processing Workshops at Medialab-Prado. Madrid 2015-2016 (1h every Saturday)
  • OF and ofxSensors4Games addoon workshop at Nuclai Artificial Intelligence for Creative Aplications. Viena (4h)

Actual workshops:

  • CoderDojo Processing Workshops at Medialab-Prado. Madrid 2016-2017 (2h every Saturday)
  • OpenGames Group. Madrid 2016-2017 (2h every Friday)