FabLab MediaLab-Prado

FabLab 2015

Direction and production Medialab-Prado’s FabLab late 2015. I’ve met great people and colaborate many projects during that time. All this in cooperation with Javier Villaroel and all the Medialab-Prado team. Thanks to everyone.

I’ve been participating at some of the activities of Objetos comunes, and some other projects of the FabLab.

Funcionamientos 28-31 octubre y 25-28 noviembre de 2015. [Resultado de los prototipos](http://objetoscomunes.medialab-prado.es/funcionamientos/)
Interactivos? 2015. Culturas materiales en la era digital. 2-16 diciembre de 2015. [Flickr Interactivos15](https://www.flickr.com/search/?user_id=19185522%40N06&view_all=1&text=interactivos%202015)

3 months Residence Artists and their projects

Art Residence Projects [Isolation Forniture Vimeo](https://player.vimeo.com/video/153491897)