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Vjing LaCosa

VideoMapping workshop & Vjing LaCosa


Legendary Tetris in Urban Facades

Chino Pinball CC

a VideoMapping tool for pinball game designed to be builded for anyone anywhere

Sociograma Interactivo

Interactive Sociogram is an invitation to reflect on the relationships between people who share the same time and place; it's a game of discovery and explora...

Kinectic Arousal System

This was a reasearch in body tracking and movement recognition for dance performances, music


Interactive art gallery that mix the old and great portraits from El Paseo del Prado with the visitors that were discovering the CentroCentro gallery at the ...


Flowerport are a series of magic windows to connect entrepreneurial and social spaces


Videomapping 360º to play videos inside interactive bubbles

Video Rondeau

50th petrischalen recorded & played in real time.